Computer/Hardware Renting

Get the latest and the best. We provide top brand desktop Computer rental services in Delhi, Sri Ganganagar, Hyderabad and many other parts of India.

Our Desktop Computer Hire Services in India are reliable and efficient thereby ensuring that we are one of the leading IT Rental Company in India. We offer more than just the best computer on rent services - we commit ourselves to your satisfaction with our service.

Aashitya Comtrade Pvt. Ltd. makes Computer Rentals convenient for you, we provide branded desktops like Dell, HP, Lenovo of all configuration viz. Core 2 Duo, Core i3, core i5 and Core i7, Quad Core, Dual or Quad Core Xeon processor with all size of LCD monitor, RAM, NVIDIA and ATI gaming or CAD CAM graphic adapters, multiple SCSI, SAS & SATA hard drives. Getting the desired computer rental service is now possible. You can customize every Computer or workstation to meet your exact requirement.

Powerful Apple iMac, Mac Mini and Mac Pro are available for desktop rental with the latest Apple OS Snow leopard or Lion operating system for the artist within you.